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and Falling, Fly - Skyler White First of all i want to say that this is not the typical vampire novel. Forget everything you had read about these creatures so far and prepare to be surprised.Olivia is a fallen angel, that is, a vampire. These angels have a feature: each person sees them differently according to their wishes. If you want Olivia to be tall, small, fat, skinny, with blue or green eyes ... you'll see her like that. She is a fallen angel of desire, she's designed exclusively to produce pleasure, but she's destined not to ever feel it.After a long life full of disappointments, hate for herself and for the others, Olivia has lost all hope of finding his loophole: the person who will be able to help her regain her wings, set her free and release her of the curse.Fully convinced that she will never be happy, she decides to retire to a hotel called the Hell located in Ireland which is underground. There, with her sisters, she spends her time away from the lascivious gaze of mortals.At the same time we have Dominic. Nueroscientist working on a system to locate and erase memories based on specific neurons. Since he turned eighteen hes constantly haunted by memories that he thinks are not his: he has lived several lives, had children, whe was white, black and has died and reborn countless times.To advance his research on neurons he must go to a place with sick people he can study. And is there a better place than the Hell Hotel to do this? But this place is not new to him. He spent some time there 9 years ago because of his memories. The owner told him that he was not sick, he was cursed. And that he is a Reborn: a being who is destined to be reincarnated forever.Both coincide in the hotel and will gradually heal each other. At first he will try to convince Olivia to participate in his research, but when he begins to feel something for her, he dismisses the idea and try to avoid her. But that isnt going to be a very easy task. Will they be able to have a happy ending?At first the book is pretty complicated and until both characters are in the hotel things are not very clear. Little by little can be deciphered the history and the truth is that the reading is very grateful. The story alternates between Olivia and Dominic and sometimes you don't know who's talking, but i loved the book.As for the plot, its unbelievable. Very complex, deep, almost mystical, with twists everywhere and some truly amazing scenes. Reading it might get pretty uphill at some times, but the ending makes it worth. The love story is very beautiful and the ending is absolutely unforgettable.If you seek a simple reading of boy-meets-girl don't bother to look at this book, but if you are tired of the typical vampire books with a very simple plot, you are going to love it.