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Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan If I had to describe Vanish in just two words it would be simply amazing. When i finished the book i was left without words, i was too excited and anxious due to that ending and right i just want to read the sequel.Vanish starts right after Firelight. The characters are returning to the pride trying to leave behind a terrible battle that has revealed more secrets that they would have desired. In this book we will suffer for Will's and Jacinda's love and we will discover a new draki that was just waiting to make her big appearance.Almost the entire novel takes place within the pride and i loved that. I was expecting more of them in this book and i now we know more about their habits, the distribution of tasks, the education process of youth, the fact that they fly in pairs... I liked it a lot and it helped me to better understand these amazing creatures.Even if all the characters are more developped and have a more interesing personality in this book, one of the biggest changes takes place in Cassian. In the first book everytime he appears we can only expect something horrible to happen but this time i felt like i started to understand him better and i even felt sorry for him. Now i can picture him as a partner for Jacinda even if she constantly denies her love for him.Overall, Vanish is one of those books that you can't put down until you finish the last page. The fact that the first pages are already loaded with action indicates that the overall pace will be quite high and tense.After Vanish, and with such an open ending, i'm really looking forward reading what will happen in the next book. 4.5/5