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If I Stay - If I Stay is a beautiful story full of questions, hard decisions, emotions and basically soaked with sadness. Prepare the tissues because you are going to need them.In the first chapter we meet Mia and her family. Due to a snowfall the classes are suspended and they decide to pick the car.The result is obvious: they have an accident and her live is about to change forever. Mia is aware of all that happens around her and since she can still listen to the radio she thinks it wasnt very serious, she's wrong. She discovers her father, her mother and herself lying on the ground and they look really bad.When the medical team arrive they move Mia to a hospital. But Mia is not really inside her body, she is a mere observer of everything that will happen around her.Little by little we will see fragments of her past, touching little stories that will encourage or discourage her to stay alive. After all, she must decide whether to stay or not in this world. It's a tough decision to leave behind her friends and her boyfriend, but if she stays she will have to put up with the loss of her family. Will choose the easy way or the most complicated one?It's a beautiful story despite being quite sad. The author has managed to blend perfectly the past and the present and even its a sad story i've smiled once or twice.In general, it is a very delicate issue and I like the way the author has dealt with it in so few pages. She has managed to create a story that hooks you from the beginning.If you want to read a shocking story, realistic and very touching, this book is made for you.