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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver In Delirium, the first book of the trilogy, Lauren Oliver takes us to a world where love (deliria nervosa) is the worst disease that exists and where all the adults have been vaccinated.The main character is Lena Haloway, a girl who will turn eighteen in exactly 95 days. In this alternate reality, each person is evaluated and questioned so they can be assigned a career, a job, a partner and they even tell them the number of children they must have. Since Lena has lived sorrounded by this all her life she doesn't seem to think too much about it, but for the outsiders it's just...wow.Of course not everybody lives according to these strange rules. There is a group, the Invalids, who live in the woods and that strongly believe in love. There are also the sympathizers: people who despite living integrated in this society have some symptoms of the disease and must be eradicated before they spread it to the rest of the population.And everything turns upside down when Lena meets a very special boy some days before her intervention. A boy who winked at her on the evaluation day. A boy with golden brown hair and bright amber eyes. A boy with the scar that implies he's been vaccinated and is now completely harmless. Can spend some time with him be really that bad? But, as we all know, things are not always what they seem to be...I'm sure that this book is going to be one of the best of the year. Delirium has managed to be among the best dystopia books recently published. The story is dramatic, it's full of tension and, above all, it's this peculiar plot what makes it so special. Love can be cured. Who isnt attracted by this? Who would really like to live in a world without love?The book has many strong points (originality, characters, the ending...) but there are also a little things that i wished were more developed. The origin of the vaccine is explained too briefly and I would have liked to know more about it's origin, establishment... I also ended with some questions about Alex but i hope both things get more explained in the second book.I already said something about the ending but I feel like a have to add something more. It's been a while since i read such a magnificent ending. When i finished the book i had to re-read it twice since i couldnt believe what was happening. It wil generate contradictory feelings inside you, it will make you want to scream, laugh, cry... Awesome.If you love dystopian books go buy it NOW!