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Crimen en Mansfield Park (Gran Formato) - Lynn Shepherd This book is a new and renovated version of Mansfield Park written by Jane Austen. The is a murder and totally changed characters while the original romanticisim is mantained. All this together makes this book a delightful read for Jane Austen and mistery fans.Since I havent read the original book I can't exactly compare both, but from my experience as a reader of Jane Austen books I have to say that Lynn Shepherd has managed to perfectly recreate the fluid and complex narrative style of the author adding her personal vision to the story.On one side we have the Bertram family: Thomas, Mary, William, Julia and Lady Bertram. They adopted Fanny Price when she was just a little child and now that she has reached the age of majority she is like a big headache for them.Edmund Norris and his mother are two characters that also have a lot of presence in this book. The mother, since Fanny arrived, wants to marry her son with her to regain their social status. And the son really has nothing to say until Mary appears on the scene.Mary Crawford and her brother Henry arrived at Mansfield Park to reform the landscape and to distract the family from the departure of their young offspring, William, what they don't know is they have let into their house something far more powerful: love.With all these characters, the game is on. Complicated love affairs make their appearance, there will also be lots of jealous and more than one surprise.Everything gets more complicated when the body of Fanny Price appears after being missing for several days. To solve this terrible event they call a private investigator, Charles Maddox, he will talk with everyone to try to find out who is the murderer.One of good things of this book is precisely the mistery around the murder. Everyone seems guilty and seems favored in one way or another by her death. It was really surprinsing to see who it was and it wasnt at all what I expected.Fanny Price is portrayed here as a young woman with a double personality. When she is with men she looks like a delicate flower that must be protected but with her cousins and other love rivals she is really arrogant and cruel. I really liked this character even though she seems created to be hated.Another endearing character is Charles Maddox. I couldn't help to compare him with Hercules Poirot because they both slowly and with really small clues, unravel the mystery in a perfect way. In this book you'll find a very good mystery novel surrounded by an incredibly convoluted story with Jane Austen's style that will delight you with his storytelling and his passion. And you, Do you dare to find out who killed Fanny Price?4.5 / 5