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Heavenly - Jennifer Laurens Heavenly is a novel full of conflictive emotions and a lot of angst. It is also a book that shows us that not all is lost if we have faith, and that the presence of someone special in our lives can make us see light at the end of the tunnel.I particularly liked the subject of autism, it's an issue that is not very often discussed in YA books since the characters always tend to be "perfect" and this helps to create a very real history. Zoe and Luke, like any normal teenagers, feel that never quite fit in and it results with problems with drugs and alcohol. There are few books dealing with these sensitive issues so openly and this is something that I really liked.The ending is incredible and it left me speechless. It took me a while to digest it and yet i dont have really clear what's my opinion. Would I have done the same as Zoe? Would I feel the same? I couldn't tell, but it left me really shocked in a positive way.Overall, this book is very real despite the presence of supernatural elements, it can touch the reader very deeply and make him see life with different eyes.